Yo Haguro
Vital statistics
Title Yo Haguro
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Time Travel Crew
Family Crewmates
Homeworld Earth
Yo Haguro is a woman involved in a few stories by Leiji Matsumoto, all of which revolve around time travel. She is the head of a spacetime travel ship and has appeared in different parts of history.

Appearance Edit

Yo has the standard appearance of female characters by Leiji Matsumoto, a willowy young woman with long flowing blonde hair. In Super Dimensional Battleship Mahoroba, she wears her hair slightly upwards with a jewel encrusted hair band and has a pair of curled fringes. Yo also has purple colored eyes. For clothing she wears a black and purple jump suit with white emblem that features an anchor and an open circle coming out of it on the neck area. Over this she wears a black jacket with a purple interior and blue outline. Her design in Out of Galaxy Gin no Koshika, has Yo dressed in a long black dress with a white kerchief on her neck.

Personality Edit

Yo is dedicated to solving the mysteries of the universe, founding her own institute from the ground up and putting all of her efforts into travel through space and time. After witnessing an event that lead to Earth's ruin, Yo began her journey of traveling through time. Stopping at various points in time, Yo leaves behind words that inspire others to make better with their lives in order to lead them to greatness and for a better future for everyone. Yo treats her crew fairly, putting her faith in them during all times.

Abilities Edit

Yo is a brilliant scientist in the field of physics, using her research and resources in her institute to create a spacetime travel ship. She is also knowledgeable about history, stopping at various points to lead on and influences events and people in order to put events into place.

Trivia Edit

  • In an interview with Leiji Matsumoto, Yo Haguro's appearance in the Heian Era lead to the portrayal of Tamamo-no-Mae.