Vital statistics
Title Yattaran
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Arcadia Crew
Family N/A
Homeworld N/A
Yattaran is one of Captain Harlock's hands on the Arcadia. Compared to his counterparts, this iteration shows more of his serious and supportive side than anything else.

Appearance Edit

Unlike his counterparts, Yattaran is a large bodied man with an above average height. He mainly wears blue clothes including a bandanna with a skull and crossbones, a light blue shirt with a dark blue line, jeans, and leather shoes. He wears large round glasses and features dark brown hair and a mustache.

Personality Edit

Yattaran is one of the more easygoing members of the Arcadia, he is loyal to Harlock and considers everyone on the ship to be a friend and family. This includes the new recruit Yama when he displayed his skills and care for others. However he can be disappointed when things go wrong like Harlock's plan or Yama's betrayal. When they present a change and better chance however, Yattaran follows through with help from people he knows he can trust (mainly Kei Yuki).

Abilities Edit

Yattaran knows the nooks and crannies of the Arcadia, guiding the crew to various points and positions across the ship and even using these same skills to fight off a fleet. Yattaran mainly uses the powered armor for close combat, preferring one that has a fin and axe.

History Edit

Yattaran had joined the crew under unknown circumstances and would recruit others if they fit criteria. When Yama came on board after the test, Yattaran was easily impressed by the young man's skills as a gunner. He would later be around to help Yama and Kei with placing a vibration bomb, but could only save Kei when Yama sacrificed his safety for her. Luckily he and Harlock manage to get back in time for a battle with a Sanction Fleet to complete the final stage of the plan. However, Harlock revealed his plans true nature making Yattaran reluctant to go with the plan. Things only got worse when Yama was revealed to have been a Sanction spy as he arrests the crew.

As the crew awaits their execution, Yama sets them free upon finding that both Harlock and the Sanction were wrong about Earth. Yattaran is reluctant to trust Yama after what he did but upon seeing that Earth can support life and with some convincing from Kei, he gets the Arcadia free and helps send out a message revealing the Sanction's lies about Earth. Fighting off Sanction soldiers that board the Arcadia, Yattaran was knocked unconscious when the Arcadia had to shield itself from the Jovian Blaster. He is later woken up when Yama becomes the new captain as the Arcadia sets sail.