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"I will see you again where the loops of time touch together.

It is this phrase which describes the worlds and people created by the Manga Creator Leiji Matsumoto. This is what people familiar with his work refer to it as the Leijiverse. A universe where Characters can die and yet appear in future stories that detail a much larger continuity.

It is a paradox where both continuity and discontinuity can thrive to give characters the joys and tragedies of existence and continue to bring them back for further adventures without giving a ridiculous resurrection tale to bring them back.

Sore Ga Otoko Da!

"That's what being a man is all about"

Being a man in Matsumoto's work has a special meaning. A man has a mission to pursue his dreams and ambitions at all cost.

"If you are a man, sometimes you must go even when know you would lose. Sometimes you must fight even when you know you would die. That's the MAN." - Captain Harlock

Similar statements are made all through Matsumoto's entire works. He makes a clear distinction of his belief on how a man is supposed to live. Matsumoto describes his work regarding his characters:

"My work is drawn from men's point of view. Women are an eternal mystery to me. We men don't understand women at all. That's why women are so wonderful."


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