Tochiro Oyama
Vital statistics
Title Tochiro Oyama
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Gaia Sanction Harlock Crew
Family N/A
Homeworld Earth
Tochiro Oyama is a friend of Captain Harlock who designed some of the best ships of the galaxy when he was in the Gaia Sanction. He died prior to the events of the Captain Harlock movie that made him become a part of his final creation, the Arcadia.

Appearance Edit

Compared to his other counterparts, Tochiro is given an average height and build of an adult human male. He has shoulder length brown hair and wears glasses. Instead of his counterparts' usual clothing, Tochiro is seen a blue shirt, jeans, black shoes, and a white jacket.

Personality Edit

Tochiro shares his counterpart's warmness and wish to enjoy life for the better. He was passionate about using technology that bettered mankind and treasured his friendships. Even after death, he would look after his friend Harlock; only intervening when at crucial moments.

Abilities Edit

Tochiro is an advanced mechanic, building intricate and complex machines the size of battleships. Through the dark matter engines, he was able to build four fully functional Death Shadow ships with prototype engines and one ship with the completed engine, Arcadia. After the dark matter explosion that consumed his body, Tochiro's consciousness served as the CPU of the Arcadia controlling the ship in times of need to steering the ship or showing passengers where they need to go.

History Edit

Tochiro had been friends with Harlock for a long time, joining him in the Gaia Sanction as an engineer. Eventually they met Miime who provided Tochiro the dark matter technology. With this, Tochiro created battleships that were practically invincible with Harlock under their command. One day however when constructing a new ship, the engine exploded in dark matter consuming Tochiro in the blast. With his body battered, his consciousness was absorbed into the modified Death Shadow that became the Arcadia. Ever since, Tochiro's consciousness would steer the the Arcadia in times of great need and to prevent his friend Harlock from going too far.

Trivia Edit

  • Tochiro's appearance in the film is meant to represent a more realistic look of a young Leiji Matsumoto.