Sexaroid is the first science-fiction manga by Leiji Matsumoto. It is a spy-fi series telling the story of G Bureau agents Shima and Yuki.

Synopsis Edit

Taking place in 2222, G Bureau sends its top agents Shima (G3) and his Sexaroid partner Yuki No. 7 (G7) on various missions regarding (supposedly) top secret plans. Among these plans are Kamiyo which involve evacuating Earth until the plan was eventually vetoed, the Yayoi plan which involved a mineral known as Cosmonite to be used as fuel to better Earth's conditions until it proved to be too dangerous and all the Cosmonite ended up being destroyed, and the Third Plan to extend Japan's territory through a floating island until it was revealed to be a plan to (literally) split the planet apart to separate humans and androids with the plan being canceled due to improper conditions.

Shima and Yuki's regular life is eventful at best, living with two Kyushu dialect speaking robots. Shima and Yuki act as a couple including a regular sex life but Shima does get tired of how insatiable Yuki is; as a result he more often than not sleeps with other women when apart from Yuki. But he will abandon and resist some temptations to do his job and rescue Yuki whenever she is captured. Yuki being more loyal wants to stay connected to Shima and usually manages to escape a lot of the male villains at the right time whenever she is captured to reunite with Shima.

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