Queen Millennia (Manga)
Author Leiji Matsumoto
Illustrator Leiji Matsumoto
Publication date January 28, 1980-May 11, 1983
Published by Sankei Shimbun
Nishinippon Shimbun
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Maetel Legend
Queen Millennia (kanji: 新竹取物語 1000年女王, kana: しんたけとりものがたり せんねんじょおう, hepburn: Shin Taketori Monogatari: Sennen Joō, lit. "The New Tale of the Bamboo Cutter: Millennium Queen") is a manga series by Leiji Matsumoto.

Production Edit

The manga was originally serialized the Sankei Shimbun and Nishinippon Sports newspapers from January 1980 to May 1983. The series was released multiple times in different book forms. Despite initial plans for a B5-sized volume, it was released into five volumes via Sankei Shimbun. Shogakukan rereleased compressed imprints into 3 volumes.

Synopsis Edit

A new 10th planet has been discovered in the solar system, La Metal. However, the planet will collide with Earth on September ninth, 1999. La Metal will survive the collision but Earth will be destroyed.

Little do the people of Earth know, delivery girl Yayoi Yukino is actually La Andromeda Promethium the Millennial Queen. She is the daughter of Holy Queen, Larela and was sent to Earth as a baby to lead the mission to abduct Earthlings as slaves. However, Yayoi's time with her adopted family and her friendship with Hajime Amemori cause her to question her mother's actions. Ultimately, Yayoi decides to abandon the plan to take up the fight against La Metal to avoid Earth's destruction.

Adaptation Differences Edit

  • Yayoi is a delivery girl in the series, living in a room above her parent's ramen shop.
  • Hajime is given a cybernetic implant by Yayoi that increases his intelligence and gives him great pilot skills.
  • Hajime also served as a liaison between planets, serving to create a peace treaty.
  • Yayoi owns a cat similar to Me-kun.
  • A robot named Aladdin appears.
  • Selenium wears a black coat and a mask that hides a scarred face, making her very similar to Emeraldas.
  • Daisuke Gekko started out as conspicuous and looked down on Earth until he started a friendship with Aladdin.
  • Larela uses a circle of light called the Puzzle Ring.
  • Dr. Fara is the younger brother of Leopard as well as medic who tried to remodel Yayoi's personality when she refused to comply.
  • Hajime's parents only appeared as silhouettes. His father also supplied parts for Yayoi and Selenium's ships.
  • Cleopatra appeared but not Himiko.
  • Hannibal is a completely different character than the one in the movie.
  • The Millennial Queens used a special spacecraft.
  • A reserve Millennial Queen called Yago was prepared.
  • The Palace Ship is as big as a continent.