Queen Emeraldas
Vital statistics


Space Pirates


Pirate Ship


Zonarana (Manga-only)

Full Length


Full Width


Total Height



Gravity Wave Engine × 1
Auxiliary Thermonuclear Engine × 4


Bow Beam Gun (Manga), Side Laser Cannon, Missile Launchers, Shield Generator, built-in stealth features

The Queen Emeraldas is the personal ship of Emeraldas, the Pirate Queen. It is a built for Emeraldas for her to find and use throughout her life.

Appearance Edit

The Queen Emeraldas resembles a large blimp with a sailing ship featuring a gondola-style cabin attached to the bottom and a large air sac up top. On the bow is the goddess figurehead in the style of a sailing ship. The cabin is equipped with particle-beam cannons attached and features a skull and crossbones that is also featured on the front of the air sac and side that is accented by a red heart or diamond shape depending on the series. The air sac is usually colored blue (gray in some media) with a red bottom

Equipment Edit

Queen Emeraldas is equipped with special features to travel through space and provide for its only occupant. As it was built for Emeraldas, it has a one person room that features everything that suits her. It is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that speaks in a voice and personality similar to Emeraldas as it was actually based on her.

The cabin is equipped with particle beams cannons that can be used offensively with some series offering different weapons including a beam weapon on the bow. In terms of defensive equipment, it features a shield generator that can block most attacks and can even expand. In terms of thermal shielding however, Tochiro Oyama stated the Queen Emeraldas is slightly inferior to the Arcadia. The Queen Emeraldas however possesses powerful stealth equipment including jammers, making it completely invisible to radar. It is however able to seen with the naked eye, but with Emeraldas' reputation most people unconsciously ignore it.

History Edit

Due to loose continuity the Queen Emeraldas has two different origins. In the manga, the ship was owned by a woman named Zonarana of Mosgart. After a few failed tests however it ended up on Jura. In another, it was the last ship created by a lost civilization that was later found by Emeraldas on Meta-Bloody. In either case, Tochiro Oyama was well involved in either process, making a few modifications to better suit some needs. After coming into contact with Emeraldas, it was used by her in her never ending journey throughout the cosmos.

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