Professor Amamori
Vital statistics
Title Scientist
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Tsukuba Observatory
Family Brother: Gen Amamori
Nephew: Hajime Amamori
Homeworld Earth
Professor Amamori is the head scientist at the Tsukuba Observatory. He is Hajime's uncle, though Hajime's father is his younger brother in the TV series and his older brother in the film. He became Hajime's guardian after his parents were both killed in an explosion. Amamori discovered the wandering planet, La Metal and determined it would collide with the Earth.

Appearance Edit

Professor Amamori has the generic appearance of characters designed by Leiji Matsumoto, oval shaped features mainly seen on the head and is rather short and overweight. He is always seen wearing white lab clothes with white gloves, a brown belt, and yellow buckle. His black hair has either been natural or blown off and replaced with a toupee.

Personality Edit

Prof. Amamori is a good natured man who takes great care of those under his custody including his nephew Hajime after his parents died and his assistant Yayoi Yukino. He does his best to warn everyone about La Metal, even when nobody believes him.

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