Pirate Island
Vital statistics
Type Asteroid Base
Location Fixed distance from Arcadia
Inhabitants Arcadia Crew
Pirate Island is the first hidden base of the Arcadia's crew created by Tochiro Oyama. While it was only mentioned in the manga, it still played a crucial role in the development of Death Shadow Island. Miime describes the base as being built on the "blood, sweat, and tears" of Harlock and Tochiro.

Features Edit


Pirate Island is composed of an asteroid from the outer layer. Inside is a habitable area using a stereoscopic image projector. This was meant to serve as a place to relax after a long battle, especially with the Mazon.

History Edit

During a run in an asteroid field, Tochiro used his ingenuity to create Pirate Island. After a long time, it was completed with depending on the media had ultimately met its end. Tochiro would later expand upon his original design to create Death Shadow Island.