Out of Galaxy Gin no Koshika is an eight-chapter manga by Leiji Matsumoto released in 2009. It stars the elusive character, Yo Haguro in a central role.

Synopsis Edit

Yo Haguro and her crew on her spacetime ship journey to Earth in the ancient past in order to find a way to save it from an unspecified event.

Characters Edit

  • Yo Haguro: a brilliant and beautiful scientist who founded her own institute to fulfill her dreams of unlocking the mysteries of the universe
  • Hajime Umino: a part-timer at the institute, owner of a pendant that can turn into a cat called Koshka
  • Koshka: a cat that wears a pendant, later becomes affected by the ship's timespace modulator
  • Juzo Kodai: 15-year old crew member of spacetime ship
  • Miyuki Moriki: childhood friend of Hajime and a crew member of the spacetime ship

Trivia Edit

  • Koshka is the Russian word for 'cat' (кошка).
  • Hajime shares his surname with Hiroshi Umino implying a relation.