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The Oceanus is a Gaia Sanction Space Battleship commanded by Secretary Ezra.

Appearance and Functions Edit

The Oceanus is a ship of similar build to the Arcadia with the front half featuring an extending bridge to link up to opposing ships, a pair of engines on the backside, a few gravity stations for occupants to dwell in, and a few other structures with unknown functions. On the front of the ship is the insignia of the Gaia Sanction.

Like many Gaia Sanction battleships, it is equipped with the standard beam weapons and missiles, but it's main purpose is to link with enemy ships once supporting fleets have dealt with resistance.

History Edit

Ezra by some point had gained command of the Oceanus, serving as the command center of his operations. It would battle against the Arcadia at different points, docking with the ship to capture and later battle against its crew. When the Jovian Blaster was fired, it was destroyed revealing its true purpose; to move the Arcadia out of the way of the blast zone to prevent Earth from being destroyed.

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