Vital statistics
Title Nami
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Gaia Sanction
Family Ezra (Husband)
Yama (Love Interest)
Homeworld Gaia Sanction Colony
Nami is the childhood friend of Yama and Ezra, becoming the latter's wife in a political marriage. She serves as an assistant to Ezra while also being a presence of importance to Yama.

Appearance Edit

Nami is a young woman with average height and figure. She has short, thin brown hair, dark eyes, and fair skin. She is dressed in a purple uniform of the Gaia Sanction with gold accessories.

Personality Edit

Nami is a compassionate young woman with a sense of hope for planet Earth. Her greatest wish was to see a flower that could only be grown on Earth. While married to Ezra, Nami only saw him as a friend that she married for political reasons. As such, she does not share Ezra's grudge against Yama and wishes that the brothers would make up. In fact, Nami was in love with Yama and always wished for his safe return once his mission was over.

Abilities Edit

After an accident, Nami was put on a life support system machine where her body would preserve as long as nothing went wrong. To communicate, she uses a hologram projector to interact with machines.

History Edit

Before her accident, Nami had been friends with Ezra and Yama since childhood. Growing up, Nami would express her wish to see a flower that could not be grown in the Sanction's greenhouses and only on Earth. One day, Yama inadvertently caused an accident that crippled Ezra and put Nami on life support. Unlike Ezra, Nami did not blame Yama for the accident and wished for his safety for his missions. During Yama's mission aboard Harlock's ship, Arcadia, Nami had gotten in an argument with Ezra never giving Yama any respect. She revealed that in spite of their marriage, Nami had loved Yama. Frustrated, Ezra cut off power to Nami's life support killing her. Nami's death affected both brothers with Yama accomplishing Nami's wish of the flower she wanted and Ezra preserving Earth when the Sanction decided to abandon it.