Mr. Fader Zone
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Zone
Fader Zone
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Illumidas
Family N/A
Homeworld Earth
Fader Zone (better known as Mr. Zone) is an engineer who originally worked for the Solar Federation Union until the Illumidas conquered Earth and he switched sides. He had developed a rivalry with Captain Harlock after the then Union captain rejected his ship designs.

Personality Edit

Mr. Zone is an ambitious yet amoral man who strives for greatness and to get whatever he wants because he believes he deserves it. He has great pride in his abilities, yet has little concern for consequences it could cause others. This put Mr. Zone at odds with the more honor bound Harlock who rejected his ships in favor of more crew based vessels. Humiliated, Mr. Zone swore revenge on Harlock and getting into the good graces of the Illumidas gave the means to take this revenge. With power granted to the Illumidas, Mr. Zone even plotted to control the universe himself once Harlock and the Illumidas were taken care of.

Abilities Edit

Mr. Zone was a brilliant engineer developing powerful warships that required minimal to no crew members. He was a great analyst, being one of the few people to even make sense of the Arcadia. However when it came to strategy, Mr. Zone falls short due to his arrogance in the belief that his plans are perfect.