Metanoids are mechanical lifeforms found throughout the Heisei era Leijiverse. Compared to Machine Men who are mechanized humans, Metanoids appear to be naturally mechanical or more advanced than their counterparts. They serve as a major antagonistic force, but their members are not specified in the series they appear in only implied. Their appearances are only confirmed by creator Leiji Matsumoto or the creative teams behind their appearances.

Appearance and Functions Edit

Metanoids vary by appearance and abilities. Footsoliders are primarily composed of a liquid metal. Metanoids knights and queen Darqueen on the other hand appear more humanoid including exoskins covering a mechanical body. Others such as Hardgear just look like highly advanced robots. All metanoids are powered by a Helium-3 heart, allowing them to function for a very long time. Abilities and functions differ, but almost all are capable of combat and communication.

Behavior Edit

The majority of Metanoids that appear in the shared universe have generally influenced major political powers for their personal gain including Ruda, the hand of Afressian Empire queen Baraluda as well as Hardgear for Queen Promethium. Most serve directly under their queen while aligning themselves with anyone that could be beneficial to their empire until their purpose is served. Since they are machines, many Metanoids have a hard time communicating with organic lifeforms. Not all of the Metanoids are conquerors however as there are several defectors who grew attached to different factions including Ruda and Metalmadonna.

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