Mechanization Planet Maetel
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Andromeda System
Inhabitants N/A
Mechanization Planet Maetel is the movie-exclusive planet of the Machine Empire's mechanization process.

Appearance and Features Edit

Planet Maetel is a large black spheroid that reflect a white light. This makes the surface glow like a gemstone. Beneath the surface reveals Planet Maetel to be a Dyson Sphere, gaining power straight from a start that powers the building and machines that reside within. The center of the planet can be entered through an elevator in a clear tube to the area where the mechanization process takes place.

The entrance to the planet features a bee-hive like hexagon grid that checks for guests or intruders. Although, it is unknown if anyone lives on Maetel. The planet is named because the central computer contains a copy of Machine Empire royal Maetel's personality.