Vital statistics
Title Me-kun
Gender Varies upon series
Race Cat
Faction Numerous
Family Established Owner
Homeworld Earth
Me-kun is a cat commonly seen in the works by Leiji Matsumoto. The most notable appearances are in Space Battleship Yamato, Galaxy Express 999, and Space Pirate Captain Harlock. She also starred in her own series Torajima no Mii me and was a major character in Fire Force DNA Sights 999.9. In addition, several other cats similar to Me-kun have also appeared.

Appearance Edit

Me-kun generally has the appearance of a tabby cat featuring light orange fur and dark orange stripes going throughout its body. Me-kun has squint black eye, a black nose, and straight up ears. It is sometimes depicted with a scar and bandages on its belly.

Personality Edit

Like most cats Me-kun is curious and with enough care and affection remains loyal and comfortable around others. At times, Me-kun also acts as a drinking companion for his/her owner.

Similar Characters Edit

Cats like Me-kun have appeared in the Leijiverse at different points in time such as Leiji in Queen Millennia as well as a sporadically appearing cat in Queen Emeraldas.

In episode 37 of Galaxy Express 999 "Mīkun's Mansion of Life", a version of Me-kun appears. This time she is the spirit of a deceased pet cat that takes the form of a beautiful woman.

Trivia Edit

  • Me-kun is actually modeled after a cat owned by Leiji Matsumoto until her death on November 10, 1974. His subsequent cats were named Mii-kun II and Mii-kun III.
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