Masu Tsunashima
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Masu-san
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Arcadia Crew
Family N/A
Homeworld Earth
Masu-san (real name: Masu Tsunashima) is the cook of the Arcadia.

Appearance Edit

Masu-san bears the basic appearance of Leiji Matsumoto's characters, a mostly ovaloid-looking body. She has gray hair with a bun tied behind the back of her head. Masu-san's small, circular glasses are located near her mouth. She is almost always seen dressed in a shirt, vest, skirt, apron, and shoes.

Personality Edit

Masu-san is a cheerful elderly woman who enjoys the company she receives on the Arcadia. She is also very dedicated to her cooking, becoming surprisingly violent if anyone tries to steal her ingredients, usually Bird or Me-kun, brandishing her kitchen knives to attack them. Masu-san has known Dr. Zero for a long time and the anime reveals a history of helping him with the Tokaga people.

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