Kei Yuki
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Kei Yuki
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Arcadia Crew
Family N/A
Homeworld Earth
Kei Yuki is a supporting character in the Captain Harlock CG film, taking on her role from the original series.

Appearance Edit

Kei resembles her original counterpart as a young woman with a willowy frame, shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, and a magenta body suit with black marking. However, her facial features show more definition in contrast. She is also seen outfitted with a personal brass colored combat armor that she uses for a couple of appearances.

Personality Edit

Kei is displayed as a serious individual who follows Captain Harlock after he helped her in the past. Kei maintains a close relationship with the crew of the Arcadia, with Yattaran being a dependable friend. When it came to the new recruit Yama however, Kei was reluctant to have him on board especially when he was put under her care. Despite Yama's tumble and turns with the crew, she accepts his help when it is needed most.

Abilities Edit

Kei is a skilled combatant, able to move effortlessly throughout a battlefield and take out groups of soldiers while armed with a pair of guns. She is also adept at using the powered suits on the Arcadia, making full use of armor as both a tool and a weapon.

History Edit

Kei had been the one who put Yama on the plank test and was ready to drop him until Yama's answer had satisfied Harlock. However, she was not very excited when Yama was placed under her care. Their relationship also seemed to be shown when they were working on the vibration bomb. When it looked like they were both about to fall, Yama kicked Kei away to be caught by Yattaran. By this time, Kei had become more trusting of Yama when going to battle the Gaia Sanction. However, Kei's faith had shaken when Harlock revealed Earth's true appearance and that the vibration bombs are meant to destroy the universe rather than the plan to turn back time. This was only made worse when Yama had revealed to have been a Sanction spy and arrested the crew.

Yama however had free the crew to right the wrongs of both sides. Kei and the crew were hostile towards him but upon seeing a flower that was grown on Earth, Kei decided to go with Yama as the better option rather than wait and be executed. Kei went with Yama to free Harlock and later battle to reveal the Sanction's lies about Earth. Kei and the rest of the crew were knocked out by a near impact from the Jovian Blaster until woken up by the newly captained Yama.

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