The Jovian Blaster's beam obliterates part of the Moon as it attempts to destroy the Arcadia and Earth.

The Jovian Blaster (also known as the Jovian Accelerator in the English dub) is a 100-year-old super weapon used by the Gaia Sanction that uses Jupiter's Great Red Spot as munition. Originally used for the Homecoming War, it was left inactive before it was ever activated. It was eventually used twice in attempts to destroy a hellish Earth after they were exposed for their war crimes. Because that it could only target ships, it locks on to the Arcadia in order to have the Earth within its sights. After failing to hit both Arcadia and Earth simply because it was an old device, the Sanction fires again but end up destroying the Orpheus instead, after Ezra had deliberately crashed it into the Arcadia to push it, moving Earth out of the line of fire and saving it by a hair.

Appearance and Function Edit

The Jovian Blaster is a series of large, rocket-propulsed electromagnetic rings stationed around Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Alterations to the gas giant had made the planet a weapon even deadlier than today's thermonuclear weapons. The planet itself contains a generator that produces an enormous amount of power. The laser starts small, but as it passes through all of its rings, the now larger supercharged Jovian beam explodes at the speed of light, capable of vaporizing anything in its wake, including the Arcadia and even planets.

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