Harlock Saga: Der Ring des Nibelungen is an OVA adaptation of the Der Ring des Nibelungen that was released in 1999. The OVA was intended to cover the first and second arcs of the manga but only the former could be covered.

Plot Edit

Legend tells of the all-powerful metal Rheingold, a metal used by the gods of Valhalla. Whoever wields the Rheingold is said to have ultimate power, not even the gods could stand against them. With this in mind the former servants of the gods, the Nibelung lead by Alberich forge a ring made out of Rheingold to conquer Valhalla and crush the gods lead by Wotan. Alberich's sister Miime however has doubts about this plan and informs her companion, Captain Harlock about it. With uncertain consequences to Alberich's actions, Harlock along with Tochiro, Emeraldas, Maetel, and the crew of Arcadia set out to stop the carnage.

Trivia Edit

  • Takashi Toyama was originally going to play the role of Tochiro but had passed away so the role was switched to Koichi Yamadera.
    • In this same instance, Yamadera took the dual role of Tochiro and Harlock.