Hajime Amamori
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Hajime Amamori
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Tsukuba Observatory
Family Gen Amamori (Father)
Professor Amamori (Uncle)
Homeworld Earth
Hajime Amamori is one of the central characters of the Queen Millennia series. He is the nephew of Professor Amamori and a friend of Yayoi Yukino, becoming a crucial part in the struggle with La Metal.

Appearance Edit

Hajime has the generic appearance of child characters by Leiji Matsumoto, ovaloid shaped head and features with a full head of wavy brown hair. He is commonly seen in a junior high gakuran including a black jacket, pants, and hat.

Personality Edit

Hajime is a serious and kindhearted boy interested in the universe in spite of his inadequate grades. With the death of his parents, Hajime was determined to find their supposed killer, the Thousand-Year Thieves. However upon finding out about the state of La Metal, and that the Thousand-Year Thief Selen had actually tried to save his parents, Hajime was determined to find a way around the La Metalian's conquering ways and establish peace between worlds.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Hajime had been close with his parents, mourning their deaths and wanting to avenge them by finding the Thousand-Year Thieves. Because his parent's death, Hajime had become close with his uncle sharing a passion for astronomy and the mysteries of the universe.

Yayoi Yukino Edit

Hajime had become close with his uncle's assistant Yayoi, often sharing heart to heart moments with her. Upon finding out Yayoi's true identity as the Millennial Queen as well as her role in La Metal's arrival, Hajime decides to look past what she was brought over for and decides to help her in stopping the invasion.

Selen Edit

Hajime had believed the Thousand-Year Thieves had murdered his parents and had hated the group for it. However, upon meeting their leader Selen, he learned that she and her subordinates had tried to save Hajime's parents when they were attacked by La Metal's loyalists but were unsuccessful. Since then and finding out that Selen is Yayoi's sister, Hajime accepts her help in the conflict with La Metal.

Abilities Edit

Hajime is initially introduced as an average junior high school student with no special skills. However, by the time the conflicts with La Metal had started, Hajime had found talents he did not know that he had, including being able to fly a helicopter.

In the manga series, when he is critically injured during his encounter with Larela, Yayoi and Yorumori gave Hajime some augmentations to save his life. These increased Hajime's intelligence, hand-eye coordination, and piloting skills; allowing him to pilot a spacecraft with little practice and training.

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