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The Gravity Saber is a weapon often seen in the space opera series' by Leiji Matsumoto. It is notably used by some of his major characters including Captain Harlock, Maetel, and Emeraldas. Due to its functions, it is also called a gun saber.


The Gravity Saber resembles a 0.8 meter (80cm) long sword with a saber guard, but instead of a blade it uses a revolving barrel for its melee function, the handle also has the appearance of a pistol trigger. In the center of the barrel is a cylindrical ring that acts as a stopper.


The Gravity Saber functions like a sword and a rifle. In spite of not possessing a blade, the extended barrel is capable of both bashing and slashing like a regular sword. Notably whenever someone is struck by a Gravity Saber in blade mode, smoke comes out from the hole where the weapon had struck. The laser beam emitted from the gun mode is powerful enough to take out a target in a single blast but is stated to be weaker in fire power compared to the Cosmo Dragoon. Some Gravity Sabers lack the gun function and can only be used as a melee weapon. Other variants can use a telescoping function like the one used by Maetel to make the weapon more portable or be used more similar to a sniper rifle.


  • How the weapon uses gravity in its functions is unknown but given how the barrel rotates when used as melee weapon, it may relate to centripetal force and how it is often used with gravity.