The Gaia Sanction (also known as the Gaia Coalition in English Dub) is a government power formed in the wake of the Homecoming Wars. It assumes the central authority of the known universe with Earth serving as their symbol of peace. However, their primary goals are actually to accumulate and monopolize all power that supports them, giving all benefits to the rich and wealthy.

History Edit

The Gaia Sanction was formed sometime after many years of space travel. When people had wanted to come to Earth, many people fought over the rights starting the Homecoming Wars. To quell the battles, the Sanction formed a military unit and managed to stop most of the fights. Unfortunately, the Sanction proceeded to oversee the operations that only the wealthy and privileged can live on Earth. Former soldier, Captain Harlock rebelled but had gotten the Earth left barren. The Sanction had kept this quiet in order to have a symbol of peace and hold all power throughout the colonies they established.

Afterwards, the Sanction assumed power and were successful with capturing Harlock and his ship, the Arcadia. However, the actions of a traitor in their midst had freed the crew and revealed the Earth's true state, broadcasting the secrets. The Sanction tried to do away with the crew, to the point of using the Jovian Blaster but failed. With their symbol compromised, the Sanction's final state is unknown.

Gaia Military Ships Edit