Vital statistics
Title Fleet Commander Colonel
Gender Male
Race Afressian
Faction Alfres Militia
Family Unknown
Homeworld Arfess
'A fleet commander in the Alfres Militia, Eldomain makes a bad impression on Emeraldas by not only shooting up cargo ships and terrorizing the occupants of a saloon while she tries to sit peaceably and drink, but by doing so with a big Jolly Roger symbol emblazoned on the hull of his command ship. She demands he remove the pirate insignia at once, but he continues to attack other vessels under the sign of the Jolly Roger, and by doing so successfully draws out Emeraldas while his forces capture hostages, including Hiroshi Umino. When the hostages escape, the tables are turned on Eldomain; he makes an attempt to retreat, but is finally killed by his own leader, Lady Baraluda, for using such dishonorable tactics.


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