Dr. Zero
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Arcadia Crew
Family Me-kun (Pet)
Homeworld Earth
Dr. Zero is the medic of Captain Harlock's crew often accompanied by his cat Me-kun.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Zero bears the standard appearance of characters designed by Leiji Matsumoto but with a pot belly similar to Yattaran. He is always dressed in white medical clothes that feature red outlines and a red cross on the chest as well as a white cap of the same design. Under the hat is a balding head with gray hair going down the back of his head.

Personality Edit

Dr. Zero is a heavy drinker, often always seen drinking sake even with his cat. He is friendly and often shares a drink with his crewmates, usually Miime and Maji. When he is truly needed, Dr. Zero shows his serious side to make sure whoever he treats makes it out alive.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Zero's skills as a medic are highly above that of a regular medical practitioner, performing surgeries that seem almost miraculous due to the difficulty and severeness of the injuries involved.

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