Death Shadow Island
Vital statistics
Type Mobile Asteroid
Location 12 km behind Arcadia
Inhabitants Arcadia Crew
Death Shadow Island is the second mobile base created by Tochiro Oyama for the crew of the Arcadia, replacing the original Pirate Island.

Features Edit

Death Shadow Island is described as a free asteroid that does not have a track but always follows the Arcadia from a set distance of 12 universal kilometers for its uses. The base itself is an internally processed asteroid with a high quality surface. The entrance is a hole big enough for the Arcadia fit through and a hatch for human-sized patrons to come through.

Death Shadow Island is mainly used for emergencies and for defense against enemies of the Arcadia crew. Inside the base is breathable living space with a sandy beach and a large pool of water. There is even a spread throughout the ceiling. The area is so self-sufficient that there are even crabs (even a gigantic one), fish, and other sea creatures living inside. The design was chosen by Tochiro as a safe haven for inhabitants.

Death Shadow Island houses a supercomputer with great processing and analysis speed that is capable of linking up with the Arcadia for both systems to reach full capacity. The island also features a repair system to fix the Arcadia with spare parts and other equipment depending on various circumstances.