Death Shadow
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Dark Matter Engine

The Death Shadow are a set of four space battleships created by Tochiro Oyama using Nibelung technology provided by Miime. These ships brought their captain Harlock fame and prestige during the Come Home Wars. The fourth ship however was involved in an accident and was later converted into the pirate battleship, Arcadia.

Appearance Edit

The Death Shadow all resembled their original counterparts including the dark colored paint jobs, elongated bodies, and powerful armor.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

The Death Shadow although small in number, were able to turn the tide in a century long battle, defeating multiple ships with ease under Harlock's command. The prototype dark matter engines allow near unlimited energy, allowing them to run on long periods of time and have weapons with no drawbacks. However, as the engines were prototypes they were unstable and an accident caused a massive explosion.

History Edit

The Death Shadow ships were developed by Tochiro after acquiring the dark matter technology from Miime. With these ships, Captain Harlock commanded an invincible platoon that was practically undefeated. However, one of the ship's dark matter engines exploded during maintenance, taking Tochiro's life in the process. The explosion also fused Tochiro's mind with the ship and later the ship was changed into the Arcadia. What happened to the other three is unknown.