Death Shadow
Vital statistics


Sol Alliance
Illumidas Earth Occupation Force


Space Battleship




286m/about 40m/about 70m

Propulsion Engine

Dimension Flow Heat Engine


Captain Harlock


Tochiro Oyama


Interchangeable Energy Beam Guns x3
Twin Bow Missiles x2
Broadside Laser Turret x4

The Death Shadow is a series of Admiral class space battleships originally owned by the Sol Alliance. It is best known as being the first ship of Captain Harlock and Tochiro Oyama.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Death Shadow is a large battleship often shown with a green paint job. The bow features a long corner at the end of the ship with two part of the ship extending sideways. At the end is the command center supported by a pair of wings extending to the sides. While the Death Shadow is normally featureless, the one owned by Harlock and Tochiro features a skull and crossbones on both sides of the ship.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Death Shadow was designed as the premier battleship of the Sol Alliance, being equipped with the most advanced and practical equipment a government issue body can provide. Its armor while generic is able to pass through most environments and weaponry.

The Death Shadow's main weapons are the interchangeable energy beam guns that are able to switch between ammunition and functions as well as an arrangement of missiles. However its main flaw is the amount of time it takes to charge its beam weapons with modifications in the right area and sequence allow a shorter reduction time.

Some vessels are equipped with an on-board artificial intelligence, allowing the ship to become automated. The computers on board possesses algorithms and possesses a personality and the ability communicate with the captain and crew. The computer can also copy the personality and memories of an individual as well as transmit data to other vessels. To protect the central computer, there are several detectors in place to keep out intruders including guns and explosives. However if a breach is imminent, the Death Shadow will automatically self-destruct.

Other features vary by appearance including stealth features that allow them to avoid cosmic radar.

History[edit | edit source]

While the backstory varies, the Death Shadow was among the most advanced space battleships created by the Sol Alliance. Their use was primarily well known during the Earth-Illumidas War with the last three ships either being captured, destroyed, or used by Harlock and Tochiro as space pirates. Tochiro would end up using parts and equipment from the Death Shadow in the creation of the Arcadia.

Another Death Shadow would be used by Mamoru Kodai in his Captain Harlock guise in Cosmoship Yamato.

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