Count Mecha
Vital statistics
Title Count Mecha
Gender Male
Race Machine Men
Faction Upper Earth Class
Family N/A
Homeworld Earth
Count Mecha was a machine-man that hunted humans for sport on Earth. In his anime and manga appearance, he was a wealthy noblemen who lived in an outpost where Machine Men had free reign. In his movie appearance, he is also a ranking member of the Machine Empire, given domain over his part of Earth with a castle that holds advanced technology.

Appearance Edit

Count Mecha had a Machine Body that gave him a humanoid frame that had a face looking similar to old model radio including a speaker area and a radar lens for a face. He had blonde hair covering his head and was usually seen in clothes worn by nobles including an ascot, an European styled high-class coat, pants, and shoes.

Personality Edit

Count Mecha is a stereotypical Machine Man with his role as a noble accenting this. Born into power and wealth and possessing an immortal body gave Mecha a sense of being invincible and untouchable. His favorite pass time was hunting down homeless humans in his domains, being indifferent to their deaths and would even make trophies out of his victims. However when actually threatened, he is shown to be rather cowardly, begging for his life on the first sign of death to spare his electronic brain.

History Edit

Manga and Anime Edit

Count Mecha rode with several companions on robotic horses when he hunted and shot a woman in the snow. The woman's remarkable beauty had Mecha convert her into a trophy. Back at his manor, the count and his companions celebrated a successful hunt. Suddenly, they were attacked by the woman's son, Tetsuro Hoshino now wielding the Cosmo Dragoon to shoot the count and his entourage to death. With Tetsuro pointing his gun at Mecha's head, Count Mecha begged for his brain to be spared so that he could live. Tetsuro ignored the plea, shooting the count's head and brain, killing him. With the count dead, Tetsuro burned his mansion to the ground.