Arcadia of My Youth is a manga telling the story of Phantom F. Harlock II and Toshiro Oyama and how their bloodlines would stay together after an act that would cement their friendship. This story was featured as part of the movie of the same name.

Plot Edit

Near the end of World War II, Phantom F. Harlock II, the best pilot of the German Air Force has returned from a failed battle. He meets the Japanese engineer Toshiro Oyama who came to Germany during a technical exchange. Both men bond over how the war is a pointless struggle, as well as the Revi C12D gun that Harlock carries. Toshiro has dreams to complete a new mounted gun but no longer wants to get involved in the war, wishing to go the neutral territory of Switzerland. With nothing to lose, Harlock takes it upon himself to help his new friend achieve his dream. During a dogfight, Harlock crashes his plane on Switzerland's border but has to give himself up in order for Toshiro to move onward. While disappointed that he has to leave Harlock behind, Toshiro vows that their bloodlines will always be bonded in eternal friendship. This was later shown when Harlock's daughter Selene meets Toshiro's son.

Differences from Film Edit

  • In the film, Phantom Harlock II has both of his eyes while the manga features him with an eye patch after losing in battle.
  • Phantom Harlock II's daughter Selene and Toshiro's son are present.
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