Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX is an anime sequel to Arcadia of My Youth that went on from October 13, 1982 to March 30, 1983 for 22 episodes on the TBS stations until going through some cross-network stations in later years.

Production and Issues Edit

The series was intended to be a full sequel to the above mentioned film. The series has been compared to some of the other projects Matsumoto has been involved in including Galaxy Express 999 and SF Saiyuki Starzinger. Like many projects by Matsumoto, in spite of being considered part of the Leijiverse there are many plot holes an inconsistencies that nearly fail to bridge other series together. By the time SSX aired, the pilot had managed to catch the attention of others but with Matsumoto leaving the production and the production team following the trends to space opera science fiction the series began to get into a slump.

Some other elements were also censored from the final version. Characters such as Maetel and Faust from the 999 series were intended to appear in order to give a message about giving the message the future to later generations but were later removed.

Synopsis Edit

The Illumidas have successfully conquered Earth with exiles Captain Harlock (S-00999), Tochiro Oyama (S-00998), and Emeraldas (X-00001) are wanted throughout the known conquered parts of the universe for their crimes against the empire as the tentative SSX. Harlock under the guidance of his aid, La Mime seeks a mythical utopia in faith that somewhere in the universe there is a hope of place where no wars or conflicts with the Illumidas can touch them. During this time, Harlock takes up Tadashi Monono, his childhood friend Rebi, Kei Yuki, and surgeon Dr. Ban. In opposition, the Illumidas send out Mr. Zone to analyze and investigate the Arcadia in order to destroy it and its crew.

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